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Genesis 2018 road, adventure and cyclo-cross bikes – first look

We take a look at some of the top picks from the British brand’s 2018 range

We love a strong British brand here at RoadCyclingUK and Genesis is one of the best. Its philosophy of “bringing to life the sort of bikes we enjoy riding” resonates with us, while the brand is able to turn its expert hand equally to road, cyclo-cross and adventure bikes.

Last year, we got our hands on the disc-equipped Zero bike, and it represented Genesis’ first foray into a race-ready disc brake machine. We rated so highly, that it made the cut for the RCUK100, while the brand has also remained steadfastly strong at developing all kinds of bikes from different materials, including carbon, aluminium, steel and titanium.

Genesis’ 2018 range includes everything from road to cyclo-cross, via adventure bikes

For 2018, the range has been bolstered by the new Fugio, which is designed from the outset for 650b wheels for true all road ability, and sits alongside staple all-road machines, the Datum, Croix de Fer and CDA. Additionally, the likes of the steel Volare – now available for disc brakes – and Equilibrium demonstrate race and endurance readiness, constructed from high-spec Reynolds tubing.

The 2018 range also includes the new Volare Disc frameset

There’s even a cyclo-cross race machine in the form of the Vapour, with carbon models ranging from a touch under three grand all the way down to the magic £999.99 mark for the aluminium version.

That means Genesis, despite not being one of the big international players in the market, has something to offer almost every rider. Want to know a little more about the key bikes in Genesis’ 2018 range? Read on.

Genesis Zero and Zero Disc

The Zero is Genesis’ race bike, tested, developed with and ridden by the Madison-Genesis pro team. It features a full high-modulus 30-40T carbon frame shaped into a race-ready geometry that’s specifically tailored for a keen racer. It’s also right up the street of fast sportive riders too, so there’s a little extra compliance and ease of handling built in too.

The Zero Disc was added to the Genesis range in 2017

It’s available in both rim and disc brake formats, with the latter featuring a little extra engineering in the frameset so that it can balance the additional forces of disc braking. That’s along with the slightly lengthened chainstays to accommodate the disc rotors, although we know first-hand that the handling has remained a dead-ringer for the rim brake version thanks to a compacted stack, reach and short wheelbase.

Zero Disc bikes start at £1,999.99 and rise to £2,999.99

The bikes remain competitively priced for race-ready machines, with the flagship disc bike featuring a Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain for £2,999.99 (£300 less than last year). The rim brake version tops out at £1,999.99 for a mechanical Ultegra groupset. Check out the full breakdown below.

Genesis Zero Z.3 (Shimano Ultegra) – £1,999.99
Genesis Zero Z.2 (Shimano 105) – £1,699.99
Genesis Zero Z.1 (Shimano Tiagra) – £1,499.99
Genesis Zero frameset – £1,099.99

Genesis Zero Disc ZD.i (Shimano Ultegra Di2) – £2,999.99
Genesis Zero Disc ZD.3 (Shimano Ultegra) – £2,599.99
Genesis Zero Disc ZD.2 (Shimano 105) – £2,199.99
Genesis Zero Disc ZD.1 (Shimano Tiagra) – £1,999.99
Genesis Zero Disc frameset – £1,499.99

Genesis Volare

Back before the Zero hit the ground in 2014, the Volare was the chosen race bike of the Madison-Genesis team. It’s still available but as a frameset only, and meets the niche market of race-focussed steel-lovers. Of course, back then disc brakes were barely a glint in the industry’s eye – now, though, you can have the Volare frameset for either rim or disc brake.

The Volare frameset is available in both Reynolds 931 and Reynolds 853

There are two specifications to the frame. The premium model uses Reynolds 931 stainless steel tubing, while the standard version works with a 853 tubeset. Genesis will produce the 931 version in an as-it-comes raw finish, while the 853 tubes feature more colour.

While the 931 frame has a stainless finish, the 853 option features more colour

If you opt for the disc version of either frame, it’s flat-mount and thru-axle compatible, and also features a BB86 bottom bracket, tapered chainstays, and ovalised downtube and top tube that aim to provide race-ready stiffness.

Up front you’ll find a full carbon fork in all models. The 931-spec frames cost £2,199.99 (disc) and £1,799.99 (rim), while the 853-standard frames come in at £1,199.99 and £999.99 respectively.

Genesis Volare Disc 931 frameset – £2,199.99
Genesis Volare 931 frameset – £1,799.99
Genesis Volare Disc 853 frameset – £1,199.99
Genesis Volare 853 frameset – £999.99

Genesis Equilibrium and Equilibrium Disc

Another steel bike from Genesis, the Equilibrium is one of the brand’s all-time classics and moves things more towards the endurance and all-rounder market, complete with a more forgiving geometry. That, combined with mudguard mounts, makes the Equilibrium a classy all-seasons bike.

The flagship disc and rim brake bikes – demarcated by a ‘20’ – feature Reynolds 725 tubing, and come with thru-axles and standard quick releases respectively, while the disc brake varieties feature a redesigned carbon disc fork.

The Equilibrium is a stalwart of the Genesis range

The ‘10’ badged bikes denote the second tier, which have at their heart Genesis’ own ‘Mjölnir’ double-butted chromoly tubeset. Well, if it’s fit for the God of Thunder, it’s fine with us.

You’ll find both rim and disc brake options for the Equilibrium

The top-level machines come with a Shimano 105 drivetrain for a combination of performance and reliability. They are priced at £1,999.99 and £1,399.99 for the disc and rim brake varieties. The Equilibrium 10 bikes are £1,499.99 and £999.99, depending on whether you opt for disc or rim brakes.

Genesis Equilibrium Disc 20 (Shimano 105) – £1,999.99
Genesis Equilibrium Disc 10 (Shimano Tiagra) – £1,499.99
Genesis Equilibrium 20 (Shimano 105) – £1,399.99
Genesis Equilibrium 10 (Shimano Tiagra) – £999.99

Genesis Zeal and Delta

We’ve included the Zeal and Delta together here as they are essentially Genesis’ entry-level road bike, with the former made from carbon fibre and the latter based around an aluminium frame.

The Zeal is Genesis’ entry-level carbon road bike

When Genesis launched the Zero it was something of a radical move, being the British brand’s first carbon machine. Now, with the Zeal and the Datum (which we’ll come onto) in the range, that offering has increased to three.

The Zeal’s is made from a blend of 24 and 30-ton carbon fibres, paired with a carbon/alloy fork. Otherwise you get an endurance geometry and a Shimano Tiagra groupset on the £1,499.99 Zeal 10.

The Genesis Delta is aimed at new riders and experienced cyclists looking for an alloy winter bike

The Delta, meanwhile, also sports a Tiagra groupset, though the chainset is swapped for a non-series Shimano model. The £899.99 Delta 20 is aimed at new roadies or, thanks to the mudguard compatibility, more experienced riders wanting an affordable winter bike.

Genesis Datum

If you’re after a carbon adventure/gravel bike from the Genesis stable, then the Datum is your machine. Remember, it was one of our picks for the 2017 RCUK 100.

If you’re still unsure as to the true versatility of a gravel bike, remember this: some members of the Madison-Genesis pro team use the Datum, first launched in 2015, as the go-to training bike. Genesis itself says, depending on the rolling stock you fit, it can stand up to punishment on the road as well as off it on gravel and fully-fledged cyclo-cross races.

The Datum helped set the current trend for versatile all-road bikes

The frame features a mix of 24-30T carbon fibre, and is laid up in a geometry that stops short of the more aggressive Zero, but isn’t quite your sit-up-and-beg endurance machine either. It’s versatile thanks to lots of tyre clearance, and is designed for use with disc brakes.

The Datum is available as a frameset or in four build options

The Datum range is due to feature a £2,399.99 women’s-specific version at the mid-level 20 bike (complete with a Shimano 105 groupset), while the flagship Shimano Ultegra bike is priced at £2,699.99. All bikes come with high-quality Clement Strada USH 32c tyres for all-road versatility.

Genesis Datum 30 (Shimano Ultegra) £2,699.99
Genesis Datum 20 (Shimano 105) £2,399.99
Genesis Datum 20 W (Shimano 105) £2,399.99
Genesis Datum 10 (Shimano Tiagra) – £1,999.99
Genesis Datum frameset – £1,599.99

Genesis Croix de Fer

While the Datum is Genesis’ carbon adventure bike, there’s also the Croix de Fer – a steel-framed bike for the same purpose, only with more… steel. Ironically, the range is topped by a luxury titanium model that looks to make the most of the smooth performance of the exotic material. And it looks very smart, too.

Genesis made its name building in steel

That flagship bike is made using 3AL-2.5V double-butted titanium, ovalised in key areas to reportedly offer additional comfort, as well as stiffness around the bottom bracket area. It features a Shimano 105 groupset for the drivetrain and you can have one for £3,499.99, complete with Jalco rims and Clement X’Plor USH 35c tyres, plus a full carbon fork.

The Croix de Fer is also available in titanium

The 30, 20 and 10 bikes are all made using Reynolds 725 steel tubing with a straight-through chromoly fork. The frame is shaped in traditional rounded profiles and the bikes range from £1,799.99 for a 105-equipped version, to £999.99 for the Shimano Sora machine.

Genesis Croix de Fer Ti (Shimano 105) – £3,499.99
Genesis Croix de Fer 30 (Shimano 105) – £1,799.99
Genesis Croix de Fer 20 (Shimano Tiagra) – £1,299.99
Genesis Croix de Fer 10 (Shimano Sora) – £999.99

Genesis CDA

At first glance, the Genesis CDA doesn’t look wildly different to the Croix de Fer, as a versatile, wide-tyred, drop-handlebar machine. However, while the Croix de Fer is made from steel (or titanium) the CDA comes in a more value-focussed aluminium package.

The CDA shares a similar DNA to the Croix de Fer but is made from aluminium

The frame itself is made from 6066/6061-T6 double-butted aluminium and swaps the round tubes of the Croix de Fer for a more profiled look, while the fork combines carbon blades with a alloy tapered steerer. A long wheelbase, wide tyre clearance, generous bottom bracket drop and full-mudguard mounts ensure the CDA is primed both for the commute and rough bridleways.

There are two bikes in the range: the £849.99 CDA 20 with Shimano Claris and the £949.99 CDA 10 with Shimano Sora.

Genesis CDA 10 (Shimano Sora) – £949.99
Genesis CDA 20 (Shimano Claris) – £849.99

Genesis Fugio

The Fugio is new for model year 2018 and represents a fusion of the Equilibrium Disc and Croix de Fer road bikes, the CDA all-roader and the Tarn mountain bike. That means it’s arguably the most versatile bike here, in terms of the terrain it’s capable of taking on. The Fugio also stands out because it features 650b wheels and super-wide 50c Clement rubber alongside a drop-bar cockpit.

New for 2018: the Genesis Fugio

There’s only one bike here, made from a seamless double-butted chromoly tubeset. It’s up-to-date in terms of spec, with features like asymmetric chainstays, hydraulic disc brakes with 12mm thru-axles, and a Shimano 105 drivetrain.

The Fugio is designed for 650b wheels and super-wide tyres

It also features external cable routing for ease of servicing, while Di2 wires (should you upgrade to electronic shifting) can be routed internally. If you want to build you own bike from the outset, the frameset costs £799.99.

Genesis Fugio (Shimano 105) – £1,999.99
Genesis Fugio frameset – £799.99

Genesis Vapour

The Vapour is Genesis’ cyclo-cross race bike and has been designed to imitate the Zero on the road, while providing the necessary clearance, carrying ability and rideability on a ‘cross course. Naturally, both the carbon and alloy framesets feature disc brakes and the 12mm thru-axle standard.

The Vapour is Genesis’ cyclo-cross bike – pictured here in bike-packing mode

The bottom bracket is asymmetric to the tune of 30 per cent on the non-drive side, while the boxy chainstays are designed to help keep power transfer super-efficient when you’re grinding up and over off-road bergs. That’s married to a wheelbase that measures 1,037mm in a medium, which should result in predictable handling over often unpredictable terrain when married to a 72 degree head angle (that decreases to 70.5 degrees in smaller frame sizes).

The Vapour is also available in aluminium

The top-of-the-range Carbon CX 30 is a fully-kitted out race-ready machine, with Shimano Ultegra groupset complete with 46-36t chainrings married to a high quality finishing kit, including Fulcrum Racing 5 DB hoops and Challenge Grifo 33c tyres. The carbon fibre frames are all made using 30-40T carbon, while the alloy versions propping up the range feature 6066/6061-T6 double-butted aluminium at their heart.

Genesis Vapour Carbon CX 30 (Shimano Ultegra) – £2,799.99
Genesis Vapour Carbon CX 20 (Shimano 105) – £2,299.99
Genesis Vapour Carbon CX 10 (Shimano Tiagra) – £2,099.99
Genesis Vapour Alloy CX 20 (Shimano Tiagra) – £1,099.99
Genesis Vapour Alloy CX 10 (Shimano Sora) – £999.99

Website: Genesis Bikes


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